Monday, November 8, 2010


Yesterday Americans participated in "falling back" one hour. Daylight Saving Time began in the States in 1918. Although it was very unpopular it was made a National law by World War II. It seems that Daylight Saving Time had two main purposes: to increase evening daytime hours for farmers and to save on energy consumption.

Now most Americans have no idea why they change their clocks.--And by the way farmers make up less that 2% of Americans--Yet we still continue the tradition. Without questioning. Without reason.

Many of us walk through most of our lives this way. We do react without thinking. Without asking. And these things become habits. if you have a weight problem you have probably been in programs and lost weight. Research indicates that only 5% of the people who lose weight are able to maintain it. This is because they haven't changed their habits. Their lifestyle.

Habits like any learned behavior are long term repetition. Unless you become aware that you are making a choice you will continue to execute the same automatic routines.

For now, you might have to continue to lose and gain and hour. However you can decide for yourself to stop doing things that are not healthy. When it comes to you and your goals don't react. Rethink. Respond.

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