Monday, January 14, 2013


My clients who have decided to fine tune their eating habits are sometimes  met with resistance from their friends or families. Often it is with "innocent/caring" statements  such as "Let's just have fun. You can worry about it tomorrow." "Nobody wants to go out to eat with you anymore." or  "You are making me feel bad about my food."
Criticism that isn't supportive undermines our progress. And personally I think when people feel a need to comment on my food choices it's just plain rude. However, i remind myself that typically the comments others make tends to highlight their insecurities.  If you are the one making the comments ask yourself why you think the other person isn't "fun"?  Is food so central to your having fun. Or do you feel guilty about the choices you are not making?

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UniquilibriuM said...

I used to get those types of comments a whole lot, but now, since I have become such a powerful Master-Mind, others around me actually change their habits to be more like the healthy choices I make without me even saying a word. Fantastic!