Monday, August 17, 2009


Don’t confuse your life stuff with exercise. I hear from a lot of women who are moms at home “I exercise all day long. I chase the kids, mow the lawn, do the dishes, the laundry. Why I never stop exercising. “ When I tell them that’s not considered exercising they get confused.

Let me say that if you are capable of lifting fifty pounds --and all day long you lift twenty pounds of laundry, fifteen bags of groceries---at no time are you putting a sustained demand on that muscle. If this weren’t true. Then why do most construction workers waddle?

So you may be tired chasing the dog, mowing the lawn, etc--- but to your muscle it’s just busy work. It must be HIGH INTENSITY for at least twenty minutes or continuous strain on the muscle. You should be moving a major muscle and breaking into a sweat.

You must MAKE time to exercise. And I know—everybody is busy. It’s very fashionable to be busy too. Everyone is busy but you have time to watch TV. If you have time to watch one television show. You have time to exercise.

It’s basic inertia. You put a potato on a coach, it will NOT move. Exercising is crucial to enhancing your life. When you regularly exercise it increases your cell’s ability to absorb glucose.