Monday, March 21, 2011


The other morning I was backing out of my office parking space and managed to hit a cement pole. The result was a very minor scratch on the front bumper. Immediately, I began to bombard my thoughts with what I "should" have been doing. It didn't change what happened. It only made me feel worse.

In that moment I recognized that this was similar to what some overweight people do. Let's say you were to binge and then afterward feel "bad" about it. Typically the "feeling bad" is followed by reprimanding oneself verbally. The cycle continues as one feels bad and continues to punish oneself. Never recognizing that this obsession is the problem.

Being healthy is not about beating oneself up after making a not so wise choice. It is the decision you will make afterward. What will you focus on?

Even if the damages to my car were more severe, my punishing myself would not change what already happened. What really was necessary is what I was going to do to rectify the situation and that I learned to pay more attention the next time.

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