Monday, July 18, 2011


Studies indicate that people who exercise can REVERSE the aging of their internal organs by seven years. Other studies indicate men well into their sixties and seventies can increase their muscle strength by 100 percent after just twelve weeks of training.

While your body is getting stronger it also gets leaner. Remember as a result your bodies ability to process glucose increases. And you train your body to constantly burn fat. Not to mention that regular exercise lessens the chances of osteoporosis. Once you get osteoporosis --- you cannot reverse it. But you can slow it down and prevent it with exercise.

Be good to yourself everyday. Develop the habit of exercise everyday. Allow yourself the time. Either you will do the work. Or the work will do you in. Your body is truly a gift and source of wonder. Cherish the gift and take care of yourself so you can experience the possibilities of what your human body can do.

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