Monday, January 12, 2009


You are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of cause and effect. This is a familiar concept in science, philosophy, and in all great teachings. Every effect has a cause, and every cause is the basis of an effect. There is a chain of causation: each effect is the result of a cause, which then becomes a cause for another effect. It is a cascade, or an ongoing loop. You might see it as two sides of an equation – a cause side and effect side.
This concept calls you to take responsibility because at any given moment you are on one side or the other, which in every moment is leading you to the other side . Therefore when you are fully present in any given moment, the question arises; Which side of the cause and effect equation are you on? Are you the CAUSE in your life or are you at the EFFECT of things in your life? If you are at CAUSE you take responsibility for things in your life. It is not about blame,but more so about taking action. Think of the word "responsible"--respond+able. You can choose how to respond to things in your life. Choose not to resort to food as an emotional blanket, choose to exercise rather than watch tv. Choose to focus on what you can do.