Monday, May 31, 2010


For those of you who feel and or have ever described yourself as a soldier battling a weight problem—let me remind you that how you view something does and will affect the outcome. In other words if you are anticipating and experiencing things as a difficult war zone, it will not be something you want to face on a regular basis. It might actually prompt you to quit.

Suppose that you were to examine at the same situation and view it differently. Let’s say, you were to describe it a “challenge” or “character builder”. Something that is not so ominous and denotes a sense of personal achievement upon completion. You would be more likely to be drawn to it. Think about how you feel about your body, your health program, and your exercise routine. Now take a moment, be creative and begin to perceive it differently. And just notice how begins to change things.

Monday, May 24, 2010


People walk into my office and often ask for "motivation." They are convinced this is what they need in order to exercise more. It is often talked about as if it were an item to be picked up at a store. And I think most buy into this notion that once the client/friend/patient is magically motivated they will begin a health program.

The only magic I have ever seen has occurred when the client decides the goal is worth it. The goal itself must evoke in you an emotion or desire. The drive to have it no matter what. That's the motivation. Otherwise the motivation is just a vague term that represents nothing. And the results will reflect that. Decide what you want. And make it meaningful. Make it motivate you.

Monday, May 17, 2010


One thing overweight people do best is compare themselves. I suppose that’s true for a majority of people as well. The comparison seems to be the basis of how people may view themselves. “My body will never look like that” or “I ran a mile but Bob ran two.” Healthy comparisons can be good. It can inspire you to move toward greater goals or take action toward improvements. However, if you don’t have confidence-comparing yourself can lead to less confidence. Most of the time the greatest improvements are made when you concentrate on your own achievements. Regardless of why you may compare yourself, ultimately it takes away from the one thing that does matter—what you want. I think it best to let go of any judgements, be clear about your desires, and focus focus focus.

Monday, May 10, 2010


You and only you ultimately determine what you think, and feel. Nobody can make you do anything or feel anything. You always play the determining role about what you let into your mind and what you give attention to. You have the power of your mind and the ultimate freedom of what to think and how to think. You can chose to fully accept your power.

Monday, May 3, 2010


In honor of Mother's Day, let us acknowledge that poor Mom seems to take a lot of heat for attributes we may not like. However you are what you are today because of the choices you have made and the information and programming you have absorbed and acted upon throughout your life.

At any time you have the power to change the way you see yourself and to change your beliefs. Also you can change you attitude about food and your body right now. You were born with the power of choice.

Truth be told, genetic only plays a 35% role in your physical health and make up. The rest is determined by the choices you make. And what precedes that choice? Your thoughts. Subconscious thoughts are seven to nine times more powerful than conscious awareness.

So instead of focusing your thoughts on blaming mom's genes, think about what thoughts you would like to have instead.