Monday, December 28, 2009


New Years is the time that most people begin to set their resolutions. If you find yourself repeating the same "resolution", the fault may be in the way you are setting the goal. Goals should be stated in the positive. Don't say, "I want to stop eating sweets" or "I no longer want to be fat." The mind will have to process the negative in order to understand the goal. It is like that old joke: tell someone “don’t think of a pink elephant.” Now you know that all the listener has to do is create an image of a pink elephant. If you say to yourself: "I no longer want to be fat," your mind will first form the idea of being fat, before it can reverse the image. In essence you are saying “I want to be …” and now the mind creates an image of you, fat. Your mind will deliver what it thinks you want. Did you know that neurotransmitters bathe every cell in the body? Every thought affects every cell in your body. The adult brain contains approximately 100 billion neurons, interconnected in a vast, dynamic network. There are trillions of possible neurological connections in the body. So each time you generate the thought about being fat, you affect your brain physiology; your mind will try to turn this image into reality. It typically gives it to you in the form of an action. Your mind will take you in the direction you picture, whether it's positive or negative, so frame your goal with a positive picture. Take action by asking yourself what you want, and then focus on that instead.
Imagine your goal is a set of bowling pins. The gutters are there, and if you focus on them, you will wind up watching a series of gutter balls. Good bowlers focus all of their attention on the pins they want to hit. In much in the same way, successful people focus all their attention on the goals they want to achieve.

Monday, December 21, 2009


My friend received his Mastercard bill when I was visiting. He quickly shoved it in his pocket. When I asked why he had done so, he replied "I don't want to see it." To which I responded "Sooner or later you will have to look at it---so you can pay it." But he decided he was going to shove it away and pretend it didn't exist. Now you and I know that the longer he put off addressing his bills the worse the situation could become.

A lot of people do the same thing with their weight. The hide underneath baggy clothes or sweats and avoid mirrors. Just like a bill it doesn't magically go away. Not only does it not go away but it can (and usually does) get worse. When you decide to take a good look and become responsible--you can change the situation.

Like paying a bill, you can take steps to rectify the situation. And depending on the amount of the bill, you can determine the payments you will make. It doesn't matter if you make small or large payments. Just that you are working your way to being free of debt. It doesn't matter what you do --- just that you are working your way to being healthier and healthier every day.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I am always amused when clients define themselves, food or an entire day by the terms "good" or "bad". This judgement is usually determined by their actions, or an event that has occurred. I typically remark that both adjectives seem a bit extreme. People, food and a twenty four hour period are neither good nor bad. They just are.

We are the ones judging it. There is certainly value in observing something. If I determine that a certain behavior or food item may be harmful to me, I may consider eliminating it.

Rather than waste time replaying and criticizing, it may be more helpful to decide what to do about it.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I remember my science teacher once told the story about a single cell making its way out of the water and joining another cell. The two cells together were able to survive easier. And cells began merging to live and survive.

There are 50 to 75 trillion cells in the human body. Whenever I eat and exercise, I am visualizing my cells. I think about what nutrients I am sending them and what they require. In doing this I also stay away from things that are extremely deadly to my cells (sugar, too much alcohol, man made products). Visualization helps me to be more consciously aware of the effect these things are having on my body. I am also visualizing the positive effects of exercising. The cells getting oxygen and thriving.

Think of yourself as the guardian of these precious living organisms. Considering how you have been treating them so far. remember they are counting on you to care for them.