Monday, January 31, 2011


Yes I know mom constantly told you to finish everything off your plate. And now it is your duty to not be wasteful with food. When I think of the word wasteful, I recognize that is exactly what it is—a waste full.

If you are concerned that you may hurt someone’s feeling s because you are declining their baking goods, know that those same people are not going to be around when you’re trying to lose ten pounds.

You can engage in many social activities, go out to restaurants, and have insistent mothers who cook---and yet still be healthy and thin. Why? Because you can say “I’m not hungry.” And “I don’t think I can finish this.” Eat when you feel hungry and stop eating when you are full. That’s it.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Make sure you are doing something for you and you alone. Resolving to do something for a family member or society is a sure way of setting oneself up for failure. Is it from your heart? Is it meaningful to you? You want it and what are you willing to do for it? Be responsible for the goal you are setting. Make sure it is possible for you to achieve it. Don't lose weight to prove something. Set a goal that is attainable and self-initiated. Remember there is always a bit of discomfort in change because you are reprogramming a past behavior. This is only temporary. As you work through the difficulties, the positive changes will occur. The discomfort is very small compared to the pay-off.

Monday, January 17, 2011


You have heard time and again that regular physical activity is important, but how many times have you picked the couch and a bag of chips instead? And what has the couch done for you?

Today you have the ability to live a better quality of life. Not just because of the new gadgets you buy but how you enjoy those things. What is the point of earning a lot of money if you do not have the health to enjoy it? What is the point of taking great vacations if you can’t even walk two miles without needing a break? Imagine the quality of your life ten or twenty years from now.Getting older doesn’t have to mean breaking down physically.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Approximately 88% of what you do on a regular daily basis is below your conscious awareness. It is automatic. You do not think about walking or driving. It is something you do automatically and unless something occurs that interrupts this habitual response, you will continue to do it routinely. You may think you are consciously aware, but the truth is most of the time you are on “auto pilot”. Habitual overeating, emotional eating , stopping at a drive thru is 75% habit control. To change eating patterns you have to choose to wake up.
And yes, even reaching for the box of chocolate because it's "Valentine's Day" is a habit. Let's face it, you can still have a great romantic evening without the chocolate. And if you are alone, the chocolate will NOT change that. Now I'm not saying it's a "bad thing" to be alone. It's neither good or bad. It just is. And it's only where you are now. Like habits--life's situations can be changed.

Monday, January 3, 2011


The New Year often brings about feelings of new opportunities. New beginnings. The truth is every moment is a new opportunity and new beginning. Every second you are making a choice and that choice will lead you away or toward becoming healthier.

You don't have to wait til you lose ten or twenty pounds to become healthy. You don't have to wait til next week, after "that" event etc. You don't have to wait at all. You can decide to be healthy right now. Be you only better. Be the you you want to be--right now.