Monday, July 26, 2010


At one of my gyms there is a poster that reads: YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PERON YOU TRAIN WITH. I think there is a bit of truth in that message.

If you believe yourself to be one of the "Undisciplined ones", then it can help you to initiate friendships with people who show good discipline, or hire a trainer. More importantly if you look for someone to simply work out with---make sure you buddy up with a person who is motivated.

Teaming up with a chronic whiner or a negative realist,only means you will spend more energy assisting them. Choose to be with someone who has an attitude that you admire. Choose to be with someone who has the character of discipline equal or more than you.

Monday, July 19, 2010


It is summertime. A time for picnics, vacations, and for some sheer panic. For some the idea of wearing less clothing means going to extreme measures to lose a few pounds. Unless those measures are kick up the work outs and/or eliminating junk food, I am not an advocate of traumatizing your body.

Unless you are doing a cleanse for religious or medical purposes, I can not understand why anyone would put themselves in potentially dangerous situation by fasting. Fasting to lose weight just isn't smart. Anorexia, bulimia and bingeing can have serious irreversible side effects. Here are a few taken from the March Issue of Health magazine :infertility, heart problems, tooth decay, bloating and overdosing on self medications.

I am surprised that people would rather hurt themselves than help themselves by (lets say) running a few miles. And why not begin anytime of the year? There is always going to be a summer. And looking good and feeling good are always in season.

Monday, July 12, 2010


After dining with a friend I noticed that after every meal she took a pill. "There for my heartburn" she informed me. "Do you always get heartburn?" I asked. "Only when I eat certain foods. Now I just take it after every meal. Just a habit" She replied

Now this seems odd to me. First, I can't imagine anyone would make it a habit to take unnecessary medication. And second, I am curious as to why anyone would continue to eat a food that made them ill. Really? Would you prefer to medicate yourself rather than discontinue to eat something?

I suppose it is an individual's choice. I once had a similar conversation with my mother. I told her I could not recall a time I had heartburn. Without hesitation she thought out loud "Maybe I should just stop eating those foods." She now walks daily and does a spin class once a week. I suppose she has traded in burning her internal organs for burning fat. I consider my mom to be a very wise woman.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Make sure you are doing something for you and you alone. Resolving to do something for a family member or society is a sure way of setting oneself up for failure. Is it from your heart? Is it meaningful to you? You want it and what are you willing to do for it? Be responsible for the goal you are setting. Make sure it is possible for you to achieve it. Don't lose weight to prove something. Set a goal that is attainable and self-initiated. Remember there is always a bit of discomfort in change because you are reprogramming a past behavior. This is only temporary. As you work through the difficulties, the positive changes will occur. The discomfort is very small compared to the pay-off.