Monday, July 12, 2010


After dining with a friend I noticed that after every meal she took a pill. "There for my heartburn" she informed me. "Do you always get heartburn?" I asked. "Only when I eat certain foods. Now I just take it after every meal. Just a habit" She replied

Now this seems odd to me. First, I can't imagine anyone would make it a habit to take unnecessary medication. And second, I am curious as to why anyone would continue to eat a food that made them ill. Really? Would you prefer to medicate yourself rather than discontinue to eat something?

I suppose it is an individual's choice. I once had a similar conversation with my mother. I told her I could not recall a time I had heartburn. Without hesitation she thought out loud "Maybe I should just stop eating those foods." She now walks daily and does a spin class once a week. I suppose she has traded in burning her internal organs for burning fat. I consider my mom to be a very wise woman.

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