Monday, August 29, 2011


With the kids back in school, you’ve decided to get into a weight-loss program. You begin exercising and eating healthy. Within a month, you’re noticing some changes. But on day you look in the mirror, and still aren’t completely happy with what you see. Instead of continuing, you get impatient and say "What's the use?" It takes too long.

The problem may be not in your body but in your mind. You may have changed your eating habits but not your thought habits. Still thinking of healthy eating as a form of punishment.

It is easy to get caught up in focusing on what is "wrong" with our bodies. However you may get better results if you focus on how thin you want to be, and the clothes you want to wear. This is different than constantly reminding yourself how much you need to lose.

Attitude and focus are everything when it comes to working toward a goal. Isn't that how you would want your child to approach their learning in school?

Monday, August 22, 2011


After dining with a friend I noticed that after every meal she took a pill. "There for my heartburn" she informed me. "Do you always get heartburn?" I asked. "Only when I eat certain foods. Now I just take it after every meal. Just a habit" She replied

Now this seems odd to me. First, I can't imagine anyone would make it a habit to take unnecessary medication. And second, I am curious as to why anyone would continue to eat a food that made them ill. Really? Would you prefer to medicate yourself rather than discontinue to eat something?

I suppose it is an individual's choice. I once had a similar conversation with my mother. I told her I could not recall a time I had heartburn. Without hesitation she thought out loud "Maybe I should just stop eating those foods." She now walks daily and does a spin class once a week. I suppose she has traded in burning her internal organs for burning fat. I consider my mom to be a very wise woman.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Food is fuel to your body. It's great that we enjoy a wide range of selections. But this only means we have several quality fuels to chose from.
Much in the same way your thoughts are fuel to your motivation and can effect the way you feel. The truth is we have the ability to make a decision about the quality of fuel we want to put into our mind and body. And we can expect results based on that choice.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Wikipedia defines "junk" as ---Waste, any undesired thing or substance--

When we really don't want junk we throw it in a big pile and put a fence around it. We call that a "junk yard". Rats nest there. Stray dogs will sometimes pass through.

Some people will dig through all that debris.Hoping that they might find somebody else's trash at a discount price.

Most of the time it's just junk. And it's dirty.

Can you picture a junk yard? Now picture junk food. It's no different.Trash.

Do not buy junk food. You don't need it. Your mate doesn't need it. Your children don't need it. There is no reason for it.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Eating is a very social event. For a good deal of us, we find ourselves at a table for both business and socialize engagements. And some of those events last a couple of hours.
If you find yourself in this situation a lot , you might consider reducing the amount of food you consume by eating slowly, Or putting your utensil down until you have completely chewed and swallowed each bite. Even if you are eating finger foods.
This will assure that you are not over eating as well.