Monday, January 25, 2010


Not eating is just plain stupid. Fasting has been shown to be one of the fastest ways to gain weight. When you have no food, the body goes into survival mode and the metabolism slows. Meanwhile, the fat cells are still growing. Remember, they are cells. Cells are living. They need food.
After fasting, as soon as you eat, your fat cells absorb fat like crazy. Healthy people do not stay lean by not eating. They eat quality foods for their body. Imagine your body to be a car that requires premium fuel. That chocolate bar may fill you but it is not quality fuel. And it is detrimental (Cancer loves sugar)
The only people who view "starvation" as an optimum way of trimming down are unhealthy. Here is the bottom line: if you are fat, simply do not do what other overweight people are doing. Do what the fit people are doing. You would not go to the person on the off ramp holding a sign and ask them “Hey how do I become rich and successful?” Healthy fit people consider the quality of the food. It may benefit you to do what the healthiest people are doing.

Monday, January 18, 2010


One of the biggest mistakes fitness beginners make is tying themselves to a less motivated and less fit work out partner. Giving yourself the responsibility of motivating someone is a sure way of setting yourself up for failure. Two negatives do NOT create a positive. It only creates extra work for you.

If you inspire to improve yourself get with someone just as fired up. Or even better align yourself with someone you desire to become. When you do this you will often want to do more.

In any area of your life this can be beneficial. If your desire is to be a successful salesperson, it would make sense to be mentored by someone who is already on top.

In swimming and biking, there is a technique called drafting. This is where one person follows directly behind another in the same lane. This makes it easier for the person behind because the person in front fights the wind resistance. The key to drafting is to watch and learn from the person in front of you. The same thing happens with motivation: let their motivation work for you. Look for someone who is exceptionally motivated and fit. Work out with someone who inspires you to become even better.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Discipline is not something you are born with. It is a mental muscle that needs constant training. Like any other muscle, if you don’t use it, it will weaken. It takes more than just wanting to be disciplined. It is an ability that must be developed and tended to. If it appears easy for some, it is because those people have cultivated it for a very long time.

It isn’t something you can grab out of the top drawer when you need it. You have to have it ready when you need it. Begin slowly by creating a reward and consequence game for your behaviors.Remember no muscle gets into shape immediately. You have to methodically build it and maintain it. All your choices affect this muscle.
(taken from my book: "Head Over Meals-Thinking Your Way To Being Thin Happy & Healthy")

Monday, January 4, 2010


Thinking out loud, a friend expressed "I wonder what my New year's resolution should be". Without hesitation I replied "The same one you made last year." For almost seven years I have witnessed my friend swearing this would be the year he would get slim and healthy.
The name of the diet changes but the results are the same. Through the years I have noticed three things ; 1. He has a copy of my book which he has yet to read 2. When he does ask me a question he refuses to listen to the answer. He is only interested in telling me what he thinks. 3. He keeps wondering what to do
As we al know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting something different. Clearly there are a lot of insane people because weight control is a sixty million dollar industry.
It isn't about changing to a new diet or new weight group. It's about changing the way you think. Deciding to alter the beliefs and attitude that are simply not working for you. You already have tried almost every diet. Why not approach it a new way. Try something new. New thoughts. New decisions. New predictions. New choices. New You.