Monday, April 6, 2009


Your mind controls everything in life-"good" and "bad". The mind controls everything. Your thoughts, the words you use , the foods you eat the exercise you do. Everything is controlled by your mind.

You are making the choices. You make the rules in your head.The way you think determines how you live your life and the quality. Your mind (based on the choices and focus ) controls the body. The body is the slave it works for your mind.

You can teach yourself to become aware of destructive patterns in your life. And develop better ways of changing limiting ("bad") mental habits.

What is your mental state? The Term State refers to your sum total of mental, emotional and behavioral experience at any given moment. You can guide it first by noticing where you are focused. Second, notice if it is taking you away or moving toward a better life (mentally physically and spiritually)And finally, if it's not...decide on what you will focus on instead. Change it.