Monday, November 30, 2009


Although sometimes we are quite fearful of change or something new, you are well aware there is no chance for improvement unless there is change. If you have had difficulty in some area, you must change the old patterns. So today, I am suggesting that you do something entirely different from what you usually do. Something that may be quite new to you. Although it is likely that you have done it sometime in the past. Today I am proposing that you let yourself see yourself in perspective.

Now picture yourself intellectually outside your own body with a clear view of your whole life in perspective. You have in your possession all of the wisdom, all the learning and all the understanding that you have ever gained. In this position, you're now able to influence your own destiny by re-programming and upgrading your attitude and defenses. You let yourself change wherever you see the need for growth and maturity so all your reactions may come up to your expectations as you relinquish your hang-ups.

See yourself reinforcing the normal eating patterns, to eat only when you are hungry, to see that your appetite is easily satisfied. Picture yourself enjoying food immensely but only in quantities you need to fulfill normal physiological requirements. See yourself overcoming the temptation to eat any extra food.

Practice passing up unneeded food and drink in your mind. And be delighted when you do it.

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