Monday, June 21, 2010


There are a few times during the year when it still shows up at our front doorstep. Yes, the phonebook. Serving as a reminder of the past. Every time I see one I wonder "Who still uses the phonebook?" I suppose there are a handful of people who refer to it. The rest of us use electronic devices. Most of them end up in a cabinet or under a desk. Something we hang on to in case we might need it.
People seem to hold on to a lot of things both physically and emotionally. And sometimes they may not realize that there is just a better way of handling something. Like the phone book-- a habit, belief, feeling may have served a purpose at one time. As time goes on,you learn new things and advance in thought and behavior. To resort to an old habit just "because"--is like using the phone book. It might work but there is probably a better faster way of handling things.
Change occurs. Technology advances. We advance.

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