Monday, January 9, 2012


The reason someone is overweight is because their bodies are not burning fat well. 

You have a car. You fill it with gas. If you leave it there and come back two weeks later. You check the gas tank—it’s still full. You say “why is it still full?” And the next week it’s still full. Well, that’s because you didn’t go anywhere.  

If you empty the gas tank---you would have no gasoline. But now you can’t go anywhere. That’s what people who diet do. They empty the gas tank—instead of saying “why don’t I run the motor.” People who are fit and healthy are running the motor.

If you have no gas in the gas tank the car is not going to move! Your internal organs function with fuel. When you have no food the fat cells are STILL GROWING. Remember they are cells. The minute you eat your fat cells will absorb the fat like crazy. Not eating is good for one of two things. Not eating is a good way to get fatter or die.

Nature gave you a gas tank. You’re suppose to put fuel in the gas tank. And then you move. And the tank sends fuel to the muscle. There is nothing wrong with the gas tank. It’s the gas station attendant who keeps overfilling it. Don’t blame the gas tank.

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