Monday, March 25, 2013


While attending a group function a woman was kind enough to bring coffee and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I thought it was very kind and generous of her. I accepted the coffee but took a pass on the sugar as did another member. He was trying to lose weight, and I just chose not to put sugar into my body.
One of the very thin ladies grabbed a handful and boasted in front of the rest of us how she was not concerned with calories. She was bragging about her choice to eat anything she wanted.
My only reply was that I too could eat anything I wanted to. In fact, everyone is eating by choice. I  think you should consider the quality of your caloric intake. If my body only needs a certain amount of calories a day it just makes sense to consume quality foods. My belief is that the quality of the food is always important.
You do have the freedom to chose. You can chose to be healthy. To fill your body with the beneficial nutrients. Or you can chose to an unhealthy body---thin or not.

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Unknown said...

That type of thinking is typical, unfortunately. When I eat pre washed organic kale from a bag I get comments about it from people who eat processed potato chips from a bag. It's all choice. Why NOT choose quality?