Monday, March 16, 2009


Yes I know mom constantly told you to finish everything off your plate. And now it is your duty to not be wasteful with food. When I think of the word wasteful, I recognize that is exactly what it is—a waste full.
Don’t eat because someone else wants you to or because it’s a big holiday. Say, “I’d rather not. But thank you.” If you are concerned that you may hurt someone’s feeling s because you are declining their baking goods, know that those same people are not going to be around when you’re trying to lose ten pounds.
You can engage in many social activities, go out to restaurants, and have insistent mothers who cook---and yet still be healthy and thin. Why? Because you can say “I’m not hungry.” And “I don’t think I can finish this.” Eat when you feel hungry and stop eating when you are full. That’s it.
But the battle cry for some overweight persons is typically “I don’t want to deprave myself” or “you have to live”. May I suggest that if having a piece of pie is the highlight of your life, perhaps you need to re examine your life. And what are you really depraving yourself of? Think about it? What has over eating really cost you?

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