Monday, December 13, 2010


Every quarter my insurance company sends me a bill with a discount to receive a basic check up. Last year I decided to have one as I have never had one as an adult.

As expected I had an excellent physical. As I was leaving the Nurse Practitioner asked what my doctors name was so my results could be mailed to him/her. I told her I only had an OBGYN. The office staff puzzled as to why I felt it was unnecessary to have a doctor when I was not ill.

I support someone seeking professional medical advice especially to prevent future health issues.

Now what I am puzzled about is why some people would prefer to get ill versus taking better care of themselves in the first place. The future of health care is prevention. Seek assistance to prevent illness and promote health. With the continue rise of health care and no real solution on the horizon, not taking care of yourself is just financially irresponsible.

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