Monday, December 20, 2010


An old friend ("Kelly") had lost a significant amount of weight. I commented on how great she looked as another woman ( "Lori" ) listened in. Kelly told me that she had liposuction. But after the operation had a loose skin. She decided to take up running. "After I started running I realized I should have just started doing that in the first place." And I agreed with her.

Now Lori, who is overweight, was only concerned with how much the friend had paid and if she would be able to save up enough money. Kelly kept telling her "You are not listening to me. Just start running."

After five minutes of Kelly trying to convince Lori that exercising and eating right were better alternatives than surgery, I realized that Lori was not interested in what she could do to achieve the physical body she wanted. She was only interested in an "easy" fix.

I am not against plastic surgery. I am not against surgery. I am just confused. If there is a healthy alternative---something we can freely do---which is healthier, less expensive and certain to achieve the results we want---why would someone chose anything else?

It may seem like an easier option. In the long run it really isn't. Even with liposuction yo must alter your lifestyle and habits. Fat cells will grow back. They are cells.

When you allow your body to use up the fat you simply get better results.

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