Monday, April 12, 2010


I asked a weight client what she thought was the best thing she could do to get control of her weight. She replied: "Stop eating chocolate." She continued to add that she refused to give it up--- "It's the only thing I have!"I told her that I didn't think it was the only thing she had. When I asked her about her family, career etc and pointed out that she "had that" , she laughed. "I know that", she replied.

Making statements like that are not harmless. Not only did she say it out loud to me but I am certain she has said it to herself several times. By making a comment like that, she immediately creates a picture in her mind. And that picture translate to a suggestion.

I remember once I had heard an overweight woman tell her friend "I just look at a piece of cake and get fat." Now if she keeps telling herself that, she will always be right.

Food is important. We eat in order to live. But be careful how you speak about it. There is nothing magically about food. The magic comes from you. And your words have power. Remember you are the most suggestable to yourself. So it may be beneficial to listen to what you are saying.

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