Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday I was participating in celebrating Easter with a friend's family. I had just enjoyed a very nice dinner and was satisfied. Seeing that my plate was clean, the host asked if I wanted more food. I replied "No thank you. I'm fine." The next line is something that I have heard on several occasions--- "Oh c'mon it's Easter." Now you can insert any other event in place of the word Easter. As it is not an uncommon for me to hear it after I decline to eat more.

I am still confused as to why people equate the success of an event with the feeling of over indulgence. What does one have to do with the other? If I wanted to overeat I would not need a celebration to do so. If I chose to celebrate or dine with friends, I am enjoying their company. Subjecting my physical body to unnecessary work and pain takes away from my experience. I chose not to overeat and to pass on foods substances that I consider damaging to my body (i.e. too much sugar and salt) I would never insist on making that choice for someone else. They are responsible for themselves. But no one ever says "C'mon have a drink. It's your birthday" to an alcoholic.

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